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Details Ffor-severall-ffriends-Musik-fr-Broken-Consort-von-Matthew-Locke-und-Zeitgenossen

Pièces de Matteis, Eccles, Purcell, Locke, Carr, Robinson, Finger / Il Dolcimelo

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Details The-Mysteryes-of-Nature-and-Art-Conteined-in-Foure-Severall-Tretises-the-First-of-Water-Workes-the-Second-of-Fyer-Workes-the-Third-of-Drawing-Experiments-as-Wel-Serviceable-as-Delightful

Lang:- eng, Pages 222. Reprinted in 2013 with the help of original edition published long back[1634]. This book is in black & white, Hardcover, sewing binding for longer life with Matt laminated multi-Colour Dust Cover, Printed on high quality Paper ...